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Again Thanks, It has been good working with you on our projects. I feel that you have my best interest in mind as we’re trying to satisfy the customer and take care of them and their needs.”

Terry W.

“I must say, with all the contractors we’ve worked with on our house over the years we have always been impressed with Dave Jones. Your guys are always on-time, very friendly but professional, and the work is high quality. The level of courtesy is amazing, down to the booties when entering the house. That is all so appreciated. I wish you traveled to the twin cities because we are going to have a lot of projects on our new house!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Holly H.

“Since we first opened the doors of our cafe for business, Dave Jones Plumbing & Heating has provided us with excellent plumbing service. Properly functioning brewing and kitchen equipment is vital to great tasting coffee and food, and we cannot afford to have malfunctioning equipment stalling our business for very long. The service providers at Dave Jones quickly and competently fix our plumbing problems when the arise.

I was most recently impressed with the level of service at Dave Jones Plumbing when I called to schedule an appointment because of a whining kitchen sink and a plugged dipper well drain in the up-front barista area. The technician arrived at our cafe that same afternoon and installed a new cartridge in the sink within three minutes, and had the dipper well up and running in another ten. Not only was this particular service man the fastest plumber I’ve ever seen, he was extremely knowledgeable, polite and helpful as I asked him to explain the ins and outs of our hard water/soft water mixing system.

Because we have been working with Dave Jones Plumbing & Heating for almost three years, I know this particular experience is indicative of the way the entire company is managed. Our needs have been handled in a way that exceeded my expectations every time. I will continue to call Dave Jones when I need plumbing or heating expertise and I will enthusiastically recommend them to anybody looking for a great plumbing and heating service provider.”

Megan Marquardt
Owner, Ancora Coffee Roasters
Fitchburg and Stoughton

“Here at Hart DeNoble Builders, our reputation requires very high standards in all phases of new home construction. We select subcontractors for our homes based on the quality level of their work, cost effective pricing and the ability to stay on schedule to ultimately meet our clients move in day.

Your staff is second to none in all of the above areas. We are always confident that our customers will be treated professionally whether it’s selecting fixtures, installation, or maintenance & service after they have moved in.

We value and enjoy the loyalty we have achieved with each other, knowing we can always depend on you to excel.

We’re looking forward to future projects together.”

Hart DeNoble

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating for the work they have done for KSW Construction Corporation over the years. As a general contractor, we have the opportunity to work with many different subcontractors in the area. Any time that we’ve been able to work together with your company has been a great experience. We have been extremely satisfied with the work of Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating time and again.

Whether it’s during the bidding process or at a project’s completion, we’ve always had a positive experience with Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating. All bids that are sent in to our company are concise and on time, allowing us to count on the numbers that we are requesting. The work that your company does is completed quickly and you are able to meet our client’s schedules. It is this professionalism and approach to business that we appreciate the most at KSW Construction.

The dependability and quality workmanship that we’ve seen from your company are qualities that KSW looks for in all of its subcontractors. It is evident that Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating places great importance on these two attributes as well.

I would recommend Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating to anyone looking for a company that they can trust. Thank you for your hard work over the years!”

Dean Slaby President

“The monitoring system was installed yesterday. The system is active. Thanks to Terry and his crew for all their effort to accomplish this.”

Horizon Design Build Manage

I really enjoy working with Brandon and Joe. They are the most knowledgeable Project Managers that I have worked with.”

Temple Builders

“Thank you for all your help on getting the issues at Lot 14 Concord Creek resolved today. I really appreciate everyone going above and beyond to resolve this so quickly. It’s not every day that our contractors can react so quickly and minimize the inconvenience for our customers.”

Tim O'Brien Homes

“Thanks for having the plumber meet us out there. I think his name was Lee, he was awesome!! If possible I would like him to do all my walkthroughs.”

Embassy Homes

“We completed our life safety inspection with MFD today with zero open items. Good work! I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts as I know it wasn’t easy holding today’s inspection date. This project has been a good one. The subs deserve a lot of credit. Way to go guys…”

Stevens Construction

“I never had a chance to thank all of you and your team for the efforts you put in at 640 West. From my perspective it was a pleasure working with you guys and I appreciated your initiative to coordinate and work with the design team to make what I feel is a very successful end product. I have been in too many cases where the Design/Build contractor is not always the most willing to try to understand the concepts and then partner to develop a cohesive and well-designed project.”

Engberg Anderson (Architect)

“We really enjoy working with Dave Jones. Having one call for plumbing and heating is a lot easier for getting any issues addressed. We are really glad that we made the switch.”

Walsh Development

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