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You’ve heard it in the summer, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”  The truth is, humidity does have a big impact on how comfortable you feel in the summer, but also your comfort in the winter.


The dry air of winter can be rough on skin, lungs, and sinus’s.  If you’ve ever used a plug-in humidifier in your home, then you are familiar with the benefits and may want to upgrade to a surprisingly affordable whole-home humidifier.  Whole-home humidifiers are installed directly into the ductwork near the furnace.  They are installed with their own water supply, meaning that you will never have to refill a tank!


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An air conditioner does a decent job of removing humidity from the air as it goes through its cooling cycle, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to turn the A/C on or it just doesn’t remove enough humidity.  That’s where a whole-home dehumidifier becomes beneficial.  A whole-home dehumidifier connects to your ductwork near the furnace, and instead of having a water supply like the humidifiers, it has a drain line to send the water that it removes from the air in your home.

Since dry air feels cooler, a dehumidifier can make warmer home temperatures more comfortable.  Also, as a whole-home dehumidifier, it’ll help keep the air throughout the house consistent.  Ready to beat the summer humidity? Give us a call today!


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