Specials & Coupons

Specials and Coupons!

home air purifier deal

$500 off a SecureAire Whole-Home Purifier!

SecureAire purifiers are hospital-trusted and can trap and remove up to 99% of airborne particles. Learn more about SecureAire here.


aprilaire dehumidifier deal

Whole-Home Dehumidifier Savings Up To $600!

Summer humidity can wreak havoc on your home. Moisture is absorbed into porous surfaces and can warp wood, or give molds & mildew ideal breeding ground. Not to mention how that humidity affects your comfort.

Whole-Home dehumidifiers are a game-changer. Your air conditioner may do an okay job at controlling moisture, but a dehumidifier can make 80 degrees feel like 74, and reduce the amount of time your air conditioner needs to run. Not to mention Aprilaire dehumidifiers are made in Wisconsin and come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

For a limited time, we’re offering a rare sale on a dehumidifier and installation, so schedule your install today!

Aprilaire 1830 – 70 pint per day up to 3,800 sq. ft total: $2,450 dehumidifier and installation (Savings of $500!)

Aprilaire 1850 – 95 pint per day up to 5,200 sq. ft total: $2,850 dehumidifier and installation (Savings of $600!)



Water Heaters & Softeners

$100 off a Water Heater, $100 off a Water Softener OR $300 off of BOTH!

Whether you need just one or both, save when you schedule your replacement with Dave Jones, Inc. today! *Terms and conditions may apply.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement $250!

Replace that dull garbage disposal with one that really shreds. New disposal & installation for $250. Pricing based on a 1/2 HP disposal, a common size for most residential kitchens. Replacements only.

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Whole-Home Humidifiers $725!

Don’t get shocked when winter rolls around and the air is as dry as a bone. A humidifier can make your home’s air feel more comfortable on your skin, as well as in your lungs and sinuses. No wonder doctors recommend a humidifier in your room when you’re fighting a cold! 

$725 Whole Home Humidifier & Installation

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2020 Focus on Energy Rebates!

Did you know that your new equipment may also qualify for a Focus on Energy rebate?  Focus on Energy has partnered with many WI utility companies to offer additional savings to customers who make energy-saving improvements to their homes. The items below are products we carry that qualify, be sure to check that your utility company offers the rebate on the Focus on Energy website, https://focusonenergy.com/ *Owner shall complete and submit all incentive program paperwork. All rebates are only eligible if installed by a qualified HVAC Contractor like Dave Jones, Inc.

Smart Thermostats

$50 Rebate with new qualified smart thermostat.


HVAC Equipment

$50 Rebate on a 95% Single or Multi-Stage Natural Gas Furnace with ECM Motor

$100 Rebate on a 96% Single or Multi-Stage Natural Gas Furnace with ECM Motor

$150 Rebate on a 97% Single or Multi-Stage Natural Gas Furnace with ECM Motor

$100-200 Rebate on a new 95%+ Natural Gas Furnace with ECM Motor and 16+ SEER A/C System














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