Air Conditioning Tune-Up

A/C Tune-Up

Having your air conditioner stop working on the hottest day in summer is never fun, and can be concerning when you have elderly or infant family members to care for.  Fortunately, most of the time this type of emergency can be avoided. How? Routine A/C tune-up!

Think about it, your air conditioner sits outside year-round.  It spends a winter dormant and frozen, then a summer being run nearly constantly.  Like any other piece of machinery in that environment, it needs some attention to work properly the entire time.

Benefits of an air conditioner tune-up:

  1. Energy Efficiency

    Get the most out of your existing equipment!  An air conditioner that’s dirty and out of whack will have to work harder to create the same output as a clean and tuned air conditioner.   The better yours runs, the more efficient and cost effective it is.

  2. Avoid Breakdowns, and Emergency Service

    A tune-up can identify potential problems on your time, when it’s convenient for you and when it’s scheduled.  For instance: a loud motor is a quick fix, but if that motor seizes it will bring your cool breeze to a grinding halt.  And these things tend to happen at the most inconvenient time!

  3. Air Quality, Safety, and Comfort

    Take a car for example, when you go for a routine oil change the mechanic also checks your other fluid levels, filters, belts, and parts of the car that influence the way that it runs. This is similar to what a HVAC Technician does during a routine maintenance check. They make sure everything runs the way that it should, and also look for any signs of wear or distress that may cause a future problem.

  4. Warranty Requirements

    Many furnace manufacturers require annual tune-ups throughout the duration of the warranty.  They want a small problem found and fixed, before it becomes a bigger one.  In fact, isn’t that what everyone wants?


You can get all of these benefits with one service call.  What are you waiting for, schedule your tune- up today!  Call the team at Dave Jones, Inc. to perform an a/c tune-up for your home or business at 608-222-8490 or use the “Quick Service Request” in the upper right corner to have us contact you!

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